September 5-7, 2018
St. Regis Deer Valley | Park City, Utah



Wednesday, Sept. 6

2pm Registration opens
2:30-3pm Welcome/introductions
3-5pm Nor'easter Challenge!
Description: Test your mental and physical abilities in the form of locally inspired (not strenuous!) challenges at various locations on property. In this fun team-building exercise, each group must strategically determine how to be successful in the challenges while also racing other teams and the clock.
5-6pm Cocktails and Nor'easter Challenge awards
6-9pm Lobster bake **SPONSORED BY KI**
Description: Lobster bake dinner with local beer tasting, outdoor games, and fire pit s’mores.

Thursday, Sept. 7

8-9am Breakfast
9-10am Keynote
Speaker: Pagan Kennedy, author of the book "Inventology: How We Dream Up Things that Change the World" and contributing writer to The New York Times
Description: There are so many innovative concepts and breakthrough designs that we come across and wonder: How did no one ever think of that before? Pagan Kennedy, an award-winning journalist, New York Times contributor, and author of 11 books, has done exhaustive research and conducted countless interviews about these “hidden in plain sight” inventions. In a highly interactive and engaging presentation, Pagan will not only share fascinating examples of how (and why) certain breakthroughs came about, but she’ll also illuminate some of the patterns she’s identified through her research that have allowed these ideas to cross the threshold into reality. Through audience participation, Pagan will also dig into the challenges facing innovators in the healthcare design world and discuss potential approaches for overcoming the obstacles.
10-10:30am Panel discussion
Description: Panel discussion with Pagan Kennedy and industry experts on driving innovation in healthcare environments.
10:30-11am Break
11am-12pm Keynote
Speaker: Chris Rockwell, CEO, Lextant
Description: We are in the age of the empowered patient as healthcare organizations shift from volume- to value-based care. But so often, the patient care journey is fragmented. And as the responsibility for navigating healthcare industry policies and juggling multiple care specialists is often pushed to patients and caregivers themselves, the healthcare experience becomes even more fraught with frustration, impatience, and worry. Lextant studied patient-centered care in 110 hospitals in 10 different countries to help understand and map out current clinical processes and primary care experiences and to identify and evaluate potential opportunities to provide better care for patients. This research led to the development of a 10-point empathic care model that describes the most important parts of patient-centered care. In this presentation, Lextant CEO Chris Rockwell will share these 10 core principals of empathic care and explore, with input from the audience, their application to the design of spaces that create an ideal service environment.
12-12:30pm Panel discussion
Description: Panel discussion with Chris Rockwell and industry experts on patient-centered design.
12:30-3pm Lunch and problem-solving breakout sessions
Description: Small, moderated groups will discuss predetermined topics relating to the biggest challenges facing the market today. One topic per group; each group will outline specific suggestions for how to deal with that particular issue successfully. Report-back will happen the next morning.
3-6pm Free time for attendees
Description: Optional Nubble Lighthouse Cruise
6-9pm HCD 10 Awards Dinner, Clay Hill Farm
Description: Join us for cocktails and a fantastic dinner at a classic, charming local restaurant set amid an 11-acre bird sanctuary and wildlife refuge, where we'll honor Healthcare Design magazine's HCD 10 award winners for 2017. The HCD 10 annually celebrates professionals across 10 categories of nominees, from architects and interior designers to construction professionals, facility managers, and owners. Meet the winners and learn more about their impressive contributions to the industry over the past year.

Friday, Sept. 8

8-9am Breakfast
9-10am Keynote
Speaker: Martin Kastner, founder and designer, Crucial Detail
Description: Sometimes, what you need to achieve a certain goal or complete a specific task is so specialized, so unique, that it requires a very particular kind of designer to bring it to life. If you're really lucky, that designer can create a device or implement that not only performs its function perfectly--but is also beautiful. Maybe even art. Since the late '90s, Martin Kastner has worked with chef Grant Achatz to create serviceware for Achatz' legendary Chicago restaurants, Alinea and Next. The stories behind the development of some of these extraordinary pieces provide a fascinating glimpse into the creative process, while allowing us to reconsider ordinary materials and simple tools of daily living.
10-10:30am Break
10:30am-12pm Problem-solving discussion
Description: Small groups report to entire group on previous day’s breakouts.
Noon Event officially ends